Alright then.

If you listen to “slow” music and scroll through tumblr, you get way too far into your feelings


Anonymous asked:
how many girls have you fucked since college started?

Why you askin bruh

Anonymous asked:
where have you been?

Everywhere where have YOU been anon - drunk af btw anaon luv u never change

Reblog if you will answer LITERALLY ANY anon/private questions.

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Anonymous asked:
61 65 66

61 - I truly hope so

65 - of course

66 - hmmm

Anonymous asked:
21, 30, 34, 41

21, 30, 34, 41

21 - I might

30 - odd question. Lets just say it’s been in the same condition for a while

34 - that’d most likely be a no lol, that’s implying that I like anyone too

41 - many, many times

Anonymous asked:
2, 5, 10

2 - I’m single

5 - not interested, but it can change

10 - it’s been a while since that’s happened

these are swaggie send me them

go anon and say whatever you’d like to me.

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~ Dan Brown

Anonymous asked:
describe your perfect girl personality wise

That’s hard to do because I’m not a picky guy. But, she can’t be a bitch or not like kid cudi. So basically if you get passed those two points then yeah you’re pretty much set.

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